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online art journaling class
 In this journey, I want to offer you a transparent look into the 4 letter secret word that is at the very roots of my techniques. Telling our own story , we will look at how we consciously influence the evolution of our spreads and how the influence us back. We will combine our spreads into a booklet - a booklet that comes with an invitation and inspiration to be used daily for a while in a specific way, a transparendipity way. 
2 hours and 15 minutes of videos in  6 segments, without fast forwards, texts and photos, life time access... accessible to all levels of art journaling artists who want to boost their creative self-confidence. 

'This is just beautiful, France. You are truly such a natural at this - 
your teaching is well thought out, your writing compelling, your demos 
are excellent, and your devotion to art-making is, as always, so 

Hali Karla

Please note: This workshop was part of the 21 Secrets Fall 2014. If you were part of that, it is the same workshop.
The Story Within
Let's spend some valuable art journaling me time, without bullying ourselves when filling the page of our art journal. 
We will look for new ways to give those little things 
that take up so much space in our head, 
a little place in our heart, while discovering some mixed media techniques.
The transcript of a 10 page pdf.
No fast forward in the 3 main videos, plus 2 bonus videos, 
a total of 165 minutes of video! 
You get to see my mistakes and how I deal with them.
Voice over, just like you are used to in my youtube videos, where I explain what I do, how I do it and why.
'Dear France,
I just want to say that I was blessed to be a member of Life Book 2017. The page I made for The Story Within is the most meaningful and beautiful piece I've ever created. I treasure it ... and the course, which I can view over and over. It was fabulous!'
— Eileen from
Please note: This workshop was part of the 2017 LifeBook. If you were part of that, it is the same workshop.


JoM / Alad art journal binding class

Learn how to bind your very own coptic binded coverless art journal! The exact one you see me use in every art journaling video, that can lay open flat on whatever page you want and can put away in its soft fabric cover.


3 seconds rule to art journaling

Did you know you only need 3 seconds to decide what to do next in your art journal? If you didn't or if you doubt this, this course is exactly for you. This knowledge will simplify your art journaling process and free up time and space in your head to actually connect with your deeper self in order to confide a meaningful story to the paper.

No fast forward 4 part video course.

Please note: this workshop was part of the 2019 Wellspring workshop.


Online classes



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