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Hi, I'm France... from Belgium

Although it had been on my mind for years, I have grown towards working therapeutically through art journaling. Between 2011 and 2023, I gave workshops internationally and online on using mixed media techniques and creative journaling in the search for well-being and self-development. This has allowed me to create an online community with members from all over the world with whom we still meet online every week to reflect creatively on all kinds of personal topics. Over the years, my offering became more and more in-depth, until it decelopped into what it is today: in-person and online therapy and coaching.

In my therapy room, creating safety and support is central, so that resilience and development are encouraged. I am committed to guiding individuals on their unique journey to wellness and self-discovery.


At the heart of my approach is the belief in the incredible resilience that lies within each individual. Sometimes it is deeply hidden. Together we will work to develop a strong connection to your center and tap into inner strength so that you can thrive, even in the midst of challenges, to stay grounded in your own energy.


Building a relationship of trust is essential. Together we create a safe environment in which you feel free to speak openly about your thoughts and feelings. My mission is to promote an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.


Every individual deserves a warm and supportive approach. My empathy and involvement ensure that you feel heard and understood. Together we will work to explore emotions and build resilient relationships, both with others and with yourself.


Growth often comes from challenges. I find the statement 'you were not buried, you were planted' oh so strong. In a safe environment we will explore together how challenges can lead to personal growth and self-development. I encourage you to challenge yourself and take (baby) steps outside your comfort zone when you are ready.


I believe in the power of authenticity. You can be completely yourself, without judgement. Together we will discover and leverage your unique story to create a life that is in alignment with your true self, coherent with your energy.

Integrative: We involve all aspects within the therapy: thinking, feeling, wanting and acting. But also all aspects of your being: the mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual. To this end, we use working methods that match your needs and questions: conversation, setup, mindfulness exercises, creative or even playful techniques.

I look forward to working with you on your well-being and the changes you seek. Please contact us to discover how therapy can positively impact your life.


Psychotherapy in interactional conception IV (ongoing) - Educatieve Academie Antwerp

Coaching in interactional conception IV - Educatieve Academie Antwerp

Coaching in therapeutic art -  CAO

Bachelor Education - Heilig Hart-Instituut Heverlee

Member of the VVTIV (Vlaamse Vereneging voor Therapeuten in Interactionele Vormgeving) professional association.

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