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A layer a day - A spread a week: week 29

Hi hi sweet Butterflies,

Kathleen here!

It is time for another week in the ALAD/ASAW challenge.

In case this is the first time you read about the challenge, check out the first blog post on the subject here, where we explain what it is all about.

You can join the fun at any time on the France Papillon and Creative Butterflies facebook group, where lots of alad spreads and in between layers get shared, which will definitely help your mojo to be inspired!

week 29

Numbers & geometry

Oh I really love this challenge. I love numbers and geometry, I grew up with it. I do not have much with languages, I speak 3 languages but reading and writing is a different thing. So I use google translate a lot, but sometimes it makes no sense. With numbers it’s always the same… and you always get the same answer isn’t that great.

With geometry it’s the same thing, all over the world we use the same and everyone knows what it means.

What do you think about numbers and geometry, how do you make a spread with it. I love to see what you do with it…

Let’s play around and make some magic!

See you back here soon!

Cheers :)


My heart is in love with this spread that Marit made this week, it's bouncing with sparkling love.

Products used by Marit:

France Papillon stamps by Illusionary Artists: "Perfect Words", "London New York", Click on the images to shop!

DecoArt Fluid Acrylics: Primary Cyan, Primary Magenta, Dioxazine Purple

DecoArt media: Tinting base, Matte medium

Black cardstock

Archival ink: Jet Black


White embossingpowder

Micron 02


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