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Butterfly Squad creative team inspiration: Marit

Hey butterflies,

I’m here to inspire you again this week. Today I’m back to my art journal.

I knew I wanted to work with diluted paint. So I am not prepping my page with gesso, but working straight on the watercolor paper. My first layer is crackle paste through the Crackled stencil.

I’ve put the crackle paste in 2 corners of the page. And I gave it time to airdry, because this always gives the best result.

In the next step I use a make up sponge and 2 colors of chalky finish paint and dabbed it on the crackled areas. I sprayed water on it right away to create drippage and to get the paste white again. But some paints stays in the crackles, love that! I also covered the white center of the page with my pink color. And finally I did the edges of my page with a mix of red and pink, and near the crackles I used even more red.

Time for some background stamping. I used my crackled stamp with 2 different colors. I used grey over the crackled areas and pink in the center.

And now time for some focal elements! I stamped 5 bees and a quote with black ink on white cardstock. I’ve colored the wings of my bees with pencils and colored the edges of the quote with pink Archival Ink.

Then it was time to put everything together. The bees are flying over my page, I stamped some hearts at each side and glued my quote in the corner.

Do you see the bees follow my soul? They will find their way. Do you follow your soul and create it in your journal? Love to see yours!

See you next time.



Used products:

Stamps: Illusionary Artists ”Perfect words”, "Rock'n Rust", "Creepers and crawlers"

Stencils: "Crackeled"

  • JoM Art Journal

  • DecoArt crackle paste

  • DecoArt Americana Decor chalky finish: innocence, romance

  • Archival Ink: Jet Black, Watering Can, Magenta Hue

  • Faber Castell Polychromes and odourless white spirit

  • White cardstock


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