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A layer a day - A spread a week: week 2

Hello sweet Butterflies,

I am absolutely thrilled about how fun it is to add that one layer each day in my journal! And I'm even more thrilled and excited that so many of you decided to join us on this alad/asaw challenge!

In case this is the first time you read about the challenge, check out the first blog post on the subject here, where we explain what it is all about.

The first week was all about easing into it, with the prompt 'Let's set the tone.' Even on the busiest days, getting 5 minutes in my journal was easy and fun to do! There were even days I had to keep myself away from my heat gun to respect the layer a day rhythm! lol But I loved the process as much as I love the result!

Here's Creative Team member Helen's page:

Let's start with week 2

week 2

My biggest dream for 2018: visualize.

Visualize: this can mean so much in an art journal! It can be a magazine image you collage in your spread or words as focal point to remind you throughout the year to focus on your biggest dream. Somtimes that one reminder is all we need to remember how that dream come true would make us feel, how grateful it makes us feel to just think about it. And that is what visualization is all about!

Feeling uncomfortable about this prompt? Visualize how it would make you feel to look at your finished spread at the end of the week!

You can start with some stamping, gluing down some scrap pieces of book pages or scrapbooking paper, or you can write your heart out with a permanent pen knowing it will all be covered up with the following layers.

You can start with colors, working monochromatic or on the contrary, combining virbant colors.

You can start with some modeling paste over a stencil or embossing powder that will act as a resist for the next layers.

Just go for what you feel would be a fun way to start!

This might all sound overwhelming at first, but we have a whole week to do this spread. A whole week! That leaves us plenty of time to think about what we want to add, even intricate layers that take 24 hours to dry. No problem. Did I mention we have a whole week? ;)

Let's do this. A layer a day, a spread a week!

#aladasaw #artjournaling #challenge


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