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Butterfly Squad creative team: Veerle!

Please join me in welcoming the very first member of our Butterfly Squad creative team: Veerle!

She has such a unique and delicate style that I'm absolutely thrilled to see what she will create with my new products. And as no one could introduce her better than herself, let's have her do the talking... or in this case, writing.

Hi all,

I’m Veerle and very happy to be part of this team.

I’m a mom of three beautiful teenagers and live with my hubby in Belgium. In the creative world I’m also known as A colored mind with a butterfly as my profile picture.

If I would have to describe my style, I would call it calm and minimalistic. I love working with watercolor paints, adding in some structure and leaving some white space. For me personally it’s important that I get to create from within myself, to lay down my feelings and thoughts onto paper. It might not make sense to others but every detail I put down is there with a reason.

Sometimes I’ll take you along in my creative process during my Youtube tutorials but if you ever have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.

1) What is well spend creative time to you?

I don’t see any creative moment as a wasted moment. Even if it is just testing out new products in a 5 minute play. But it’s most satisfying when I get to create something that tells part of my story, if I get to create something where I can truly lay down my soul onto paper.

2) What is your go to technique?

My go to technique is without a doubt laying down color on my background using watercolors and a plain piece of plastic. Having my colors running around on my paper when removing the plastic sheet is the first step to get me relaxed and into creative mode.

3) 3 mediums you couldn't live without?

My number one are my watercolors but any water reactive medium is fine. As long as I can get them running over my page I’m happy. Number two is crackle paste, I love the old look of it. To finish my top 3 I have to say my charcoal pencil/black medium to add shade to my projects. A project really feels finished when I start adding in black and depth.

4) How would you like people to describe your creative universe?

I love people to be able to lay down their own story in what I create and get strength out of it. So I hope they would describe it as meaningful and warm projects. Even though I almost always turn to cold colors.

5) How do you overcome the fear of the blank page when art journaling?

I don’t often fear a blank page, there are enough things running around in my head that still need to come out. Main reason is that my mind is filled with memories giving loads of inspiration. And then there is also music as a powerful medium to get me creating. But if it doesn’t come out… that’s okay, I believe it will come when it needs to. So I don’t fear that white page. It’s not an obligation to create, it should always stay an opportunity.

I’m all ready to get started and I truly hope you all come along and create with us.

Lots of love,


You can find Veerle right here:

See you back here tomorrow for the next reveal!


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