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Veel Gestelde Vragen

  • I have heard that coaches offering (online) art therapy should have specific training; do you?
    Yes, I have a diploma in art therapy coaching (also known as non-clinical art therapy) and took several trainings to offer coaching online. I am however not a clinical (art) therapist, which means that I do not offer a diagnosis and that I am not a mental health care provider.
  • How much does it cost?
    My fee for online therapy coaching is currently €55 / $55 per 60-minute session. You can save by signing up for the 12 month program, with 24 sessions, for €1200 / $1200 per year with monthly installments of €100 / $100.
  • Do you use Skype?
    I use preferably Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime might be options if need be.
  • Do you work with clients anywhere in the world?
    Yes, keeping time zones in mind so that it works for both parties. I am located in Belgium (Central European time zone, GMT+2) Being fluent in either English, French or Dutch is also a requirement so that we can communicate with ease.
  • Do you work with children or young people?
    I only work with clients over the age of 20 years.
  • Is online art therapy suitable for anyone?
    Working with me might not be a good fit for your needs if you have a diagnosed mental health condition, a diagnosis of Personality Disorder, active suicidal ideation, an addiction to substances or alcohol, or a chaotic lifestyle. Online therapy in general is not suitable for someone who is living with an abusive partner. I work with clients on a weekly basis (If you would like an ad-hoc arrangement, please let me know during the intake session). However, there may be another online coach who is able to work with you if I cannot, so please don’t give up.
  • What kind of art material do I need to have? Do I need to buy anything?
    Whether you do have art material or not, I will always adapt the exercises to what it is you have. You do not need to buy anything as long as you have some paper (copy paper, a journal, even paper bags will do the trick) and something to write/draw with (pencil, crayon, pen, ...).
  • Would I have to make art?
    No. Some clients like to use the arts in some sessions but not in other sessions. And some clients don’t want to use the arts at all, ever. This is absolutely fine.
  • What if I'm not creative at all?
    This is not an art class where you have to perform. It is about the expression which can be brought back to it's simplest form. Taking away the performance stress can be part of the very first exercises if need be.
  • How does it work?
    Each Saturday at 7.30 pm Central European time, a new challenge prompt video is posted on the Alad youtube channel, right HERE. The goal of the challenge is to get you to art journal on a regular basis, to bypass all the excuses/happenings that get in the way: Just put down ONE layer each day. Don't waste time thinking what to do next or looking at the paint dry: you have 24 hours to do so... Putting down one layer doesn't take more than 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat daily. By the end of the week, you will have 7 layers or in other words, an entire spread done, each week! If you feel like it, you can share your layers and/or your final spread on the forum, under the ALAD tab. The ongoing challenge is always pinned at the top.
  • Where do I start?
    The best thing is to just... start! Start with the ongoing challenge so that you can play along with the other Butterflies. You can find the prompt for the challenge under the Alad tab at the top.
  • What art materials do I need to play along?
    You can use as much or as little as you want. When you start out, you don't even need an actual journal, just some paper will do. The most important part being participating! It is however a bit like with words: to write out a sentence a minimum of vocabulary will make it easier to express yourself. And as many beginners like a 'list of stash', here are some recommendations which are to adapt to your liking. An art journal: working in a journal allows you to build a 'chronicle', just like a diary. Something to add color: inks, crayons, paint, powders, ink pads, ... Something to add texture: modeling paste, crackle paste, texture paste,... Something to add shapes or patterns: stamps, stencils,... Something to draw/doodle with: markers, pencils, ... The list could be endless, yet keep in mind that choice overwhelming is a thing and it can paralyze your creative process. I recommend keeping it 'simple but useful'. I do not give color advice, that is up to you as you are to tell your own story (which might be a completely different color than mine).
  • How/where do I share my spread? Do I really have to?
    You can share your spread if you feel like it, and only if you feel like it, which can change every week. You can share your layers and/or your final spread on the forum, under the ALAD tab. The ongoing challenge is always pinned at the top.
  • How do I enter for the ALAD 1-on-1 draw?
    At the beginning of each new main theme, I draw a name to designate the winner of the ALAD 1-on-1 during the youtube live prompt. To enter, post your finalized spread in the forum section of the ongoing challenge. For each completed spread you post, your name goes into the draw. During that 45 minutes Zoom 1-on-1 we can discuss anything art journaling related, be it technique or background information, products, or therapeutic art journaling coaching.
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