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All classes are 4 hours, except for the Ink book class, which is a 7 hour class and the Try out and Let go art journaling class, which has a 4 hour and a 7 hour version. Contact me for more info or to book a class.

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Journal your story
There is something very soothing about confiding your story in an artistic way to a journal. And once you start it's hard to stop. Join me in this incredible adventure and Journal Your Story!
To the core
We will go to the core of my favorite art journaling techniques creating a striking mixed media canvas. From crackles to distress techniques, from blending to contrasting, we will art our heart out!
Industrial revolution 2.0
In this half day version of the Industrial Revolution class, we will go over rusting techniques as well as patinas discovering how to make them work on just any kind of surface!
Building up intricate layers of mediums, substrates and embellishments, we will discover techniques you can use to create vintage grungee home decor pieces, but which you can also use in art journaling.
abc, a to z
Based on the many Journal on Monday videos, we will go through a couple of art journaling spreads, recreating them from a to z, yet adding a personal twist to it! Let me show you how to go from insecure copying to flying with your own wings. If you're a fan of the JoM's this class is definitely for you!
Try out and let go
From a controled and guided way of working
to a free inky playing, discover liberating mechanisms to get your art journaling going.
To tell your story the artsy way.
Part one: Art Journaling Try Out:
revisiting products and techniques.
Part two: Let Go!:
from guided to liberated art journaling.
Industrial revolution
In this full day class, we will discover how to turn a regular A4 greyboard tag, into a rusted, industrial looking home decor, combining different mediums and paints, stamps and stencils. Looking at how these products influence each other, you will end up with a project that has your touch to it! You can even incorporate photos!
How to entrap layers between layers, that might or might not be altered while building up more layers? We will be playing with varnish, embossing powder, paints and glazes to build up an grungy industrial looking canvas. Fun, anyone?
Mixing coptic binding, mixed media and cartonage, we will build a one of a kind book with an extra frame that can hold your secrets or a photo.
ps: Eunoia = beautiful thinking :)
Sometimes it takes a bunch of techniques to create something simple and striking! From blending to rusting, from crackling to smoothing, this project is packed with techniques you will be able to reuse, recombine and reinterpret to make them your own whether in mixed media projects or art journaling.
ink book
Starting with simple cardboard, we will create this little chest book that can contain 3 archival inks, or your favorite atc's, or ... We will paint, crackle, distress and plaster the cardboard, until it looks like it's been around forever!
Playing with tags, Decoart Mediums and paints, spray inks, Uni-Ball pens and my stamps, you will create your own fun tag book while discovering some inky and journaling techniques. Discovering how fun letting go is, while moving forward, despite, what you might think, are bumps in the road. A surprising and liberating way of layering and composition.
Responding to the invitation of the blank canvas, we will combine gesso, gel paste, structure paste, wax paste, crackle paste, rusting systems and acrylics to create a genuine mixed media textured and layered canvas. This 4 hour class will show you that not being afraid of combining products might give you just that touch of magic in your work you are looking for!
Lost grimoire
If you like grungy, vintage looking artefacts, if you would like to discover how to create one in a mixed media way, this workshop is for you! Aging cardboard using ColourArte pigments and Finnabair's mediums by playing with layers and textures, using a simple binding technique and some papers from another time, we will create this handmade book discovering techniques that can be used in bookmaking but also in art journaling, lay outs, altered art...
On witches and apothecaries
Get your wands out, as well as your paintbrush and palet knife. Follow the recipes on mixing ColourArte powders and Finnabair potions. Watch the mixtures change a canvas and some cardboard into a grungy apothecary. Write all the formulas in the grimoire, so that you can keep on mixing when back home!
Altered Possibility
Starting with plain paper, thread and cardboard, I will guide you step by step in creating your own coptic binded art journal. From Finnabair's mediums to ColourArte pigments, from layering to coptic binding, not only is this class filled with fun techniques, you will also have your own 'Journal on Monday' format art journal!
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