No one could tell you that better than someone who did take a class with me! 

"I want to thank you for all the inspiration you gave me and the different techniques you have taught me. But what I most want to thank you for is all the other things you taught me. Things that mean very much for me.

I have known for a long time that I have destroyed the fun of creating things. But it was not until I met you that I understood HOW much I really destroyed the fun in it! It shocked me! You have really opened my eyes and make me think and try to figure out how I want to feel about creating and why I do it. You remind me that it is the process and not the end result that is the most important.

I have forgotten to create for myself. I have only done it for other people and then stressed myself to the point were it is not fun anymore. Which ended every time with me feeling sad and worthless. Nothing I created was good enough for me. When I discover that I have stress myself out it already get to that point when I am a wreak. You on the other hand noticed right away when I was starting to stress and blocked it before it almost had begun. I am so impressed that you saw that and I am so greatfull for that! Because you did that for me I had fun and I could relax in way that I have not done in a long time when I am creating. Especially when I take part in a class so this was an amazing experience for me. Your 3 second rule is somerhing that I am going to use not only when I scrap but also in other situation in my life when I hesitate. You have made me want to be more open and be more aware earlier when I start to stress myself out. To be more here and now. Not only when I scrap but in my life in general.

So what I want to say to you with all of this is that you are an amazing person with a very big heart! You gave your all to us not only by sharing your talant but sharing yourself also. Thank you for that! It means a lot to me! I look forward to the day you come to Sweden again!"

Sofia Persson