A Layer A Day 2021 stickers sheets

A Layer A Day 2021 stickers sheets


SELECTED NUMBER OF MONTHS SHIPPED AT ONCE:  mixed media compatible word and art stickers, related to the ongoing A Layer A Day challenges. These stickers will boost your mojo into daily art journaling, according to the alad challenge prompts. 15 word stickers 29 art work stickers with 4 different main colors to work with all art journaling projects, mixed media projects, card making projects.


You can paint the stickers, spray them, colorize them with watercolors and/or watercolor pencils... as long you give them time do dry before manipulating them, they will endure just about anything!


Package will be send out in one go, so that you pay as little shipping as possible. So if your order the 12 sticker sheets, for the 12 months of alad challenges for 2021, you will get all the sticker sheets in December 2020.

You can renew your 3 month and 6 month subscription in due time if you so wish, FOR AS LONG AS THE STOCK LASTS.