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Why it's not about the pretty spread 🦋Journal on Monday 218

I have lost count of how many time we have discussed this with the Butterfly Members, because, as a creative therapist, I believe this to be such an important part of what I like to call 'creative soul searching', aka art journaling: the fact that in the end, it is not about the pretty spread.

And then I realized I had never even made a video about this... until today...

Which tip did you find most useful?

Here's the final spread, even if it is not a pretty one ;)))

As promised, these are the steps I followed to create it. Because I know many of you are still searching for their way as to how express things in their art journal.

1) Start by applying gesso through a stencil with a sponge. This will act as a resist later.

2) Paint the paper with Fresco Finish paint (or any chalk paint you have) using a baby wipe. The moist of the wipe will allow you to blend the colors.

3) Clean the gesso from layer one using the same baby wipe.

4) Stamp using matching colors (or contrasting ones if you feel like it!) and some black ink.

5) Add modeling paste by scraping it on over cambric to have a very light texture effect.

6) Spray some ink and blend it with water. The stamped images might run but it will also soften them!

7) Add more delicate contrast by adding a contrasting paint with a sponge through a stencil.

8) Have a little play with paint to create splatters.

9) Add some more stamping, I opted for a soft contrasting ink.

10) Choose a focal point image that works for you as well as some wording, glue them down.

11) To make them stand out, add black shading. I did it using a water soluble charcoal pencil. You can do the same around the spread.

12) If needed, doodle with a black pen to thigh all the elements to the spread.

13) To balance out the spread, you can add elements in the contrasting colors you used. I did so by adding a little tab and some paint splatters.

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