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The Butterfly Effect: a new offering

Welcome to the next step in my offering’s evolution, the part where it is all about the core you, the space where you can restore when struggling: actual Creative Therapy.

Keep reading to discover the what, how, when and where!

There is a wide variety of subjects one can be trying to overcome, to find peace of mind over or simply to balance out and that is where I’m offering a helping hand, as a trained creative therapist.

What you can expect: the same safe environment as you are used from me surrounding art journaling, extended to conversations, breathing exercises and creative soul searching matching your needs. Together we will mindfully create while allowing time and space for discovery, growth and resilience.

I am offering support with:


Self-worth / low self-image / confidence

Inner conflicts

Burn out

Fear / anxiety


Sense of purpose




Shame / guilt



Decision making




Emotional problems

The sessions will take place every other week, at a moment to be set together, during a +/- 75 minutes one-on-one zoom. If you are partaking in the flutterings 2.0 exercises as a Monarch member, those will be discussed during those sessions as well. For now, I am limiting this offer to 10 members, after which the membership will be made temporarily unavailable.

These sessions are not to be confused with private art journaling classes! This is a form therapy, for which in the first session, we will start by discussing what it is you would like us to work on together.

Type of therapy: Creative therapy, Experiential therapy and behavioral therapy.

You do not to have any prerequisite knowledge about art journaling or drawing. A minimum stash of some pencils and or crayons, some paper (even magazines) is enough to get us going!

Want to sign up?

You can find the Butterfly Effect membership HERE. This membership will give you access to all the other memberships benefits as well: Caterpillar (5€) , Chrysalis (15€) and Monarch (30€). So this is not a membership on top of the others but including the others. Do not forget to cancel your existing membership to not be charged double if you sign up. I can help you with this.

Don't hesitate to reach with any question you might have! I promise I don't bite, I'm a Butterfly! 🦋😘

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1 Comment

Maria Nelson
Maria Nelson
Mar 09, 2022

I’m in, I hope. Can’t wait just let me know EST. I’m rubbish at time differences.

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