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A Layer A Day week 9 - 12

Hello beautiful Butterfly,

Very often, my spreads for the A Layer A Day challenges are created during zoom hang outs with my patrons. Those moments are amazing: bursting with creative energy while spending time together, talking about anything and everything that is living among us and all things journaling as well of course. Be it techniques or the creative process itself.

So on top of having a visual journal to look back to, reflecting my emotional growth, they are a reflection of beautiful moments.

Week 12

I also post complete overviews for each spread on my patreon page.

Week 11 was one of those amazing moments spent together with my beautiful community, guiding the art journaling session while expressing what needs to be expressed.

The step by step of week 10 however, was posted on the Paperartsy blog. You can read it here.

With this one for week 9 you actually have a complete overview of my maturity themed creative soul searching of this month! One more spread to go for this theme before moving on.

If you are curious about the April theme for the A Layer A Day challenge, join all the Butterflies in the A Layer A Day facebook challenge group! We will all welcome you with open arms.

If you are already a member: don't forget to put down a layer a day... in a mindful way! ;)


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