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A Layer A Day June 🦋 overview

With the end of the June theme, it means we are halfway 2022. Is time going as fast for you as it is for me, sweet Butterfly?

Our theme, 'String theory', was a little wink at The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon would have sighed at our ignorance on the subject but we did have fun with it!

Week 22: 6 degrees of connectedness

We played with the theory of 6 degrees of separation or how small our world actually is. And how we connect differently depending on which role we are in, as a spouse, a parent, a friend, a coworker, a client, etc.

I loved the idea of how tied together we are and how we grow together as a family. The weekend of that challenge, I had to move the live on Youtube because one of our family members has serious health issues. Yet I was so grateful that I could be present for that person and could be of some support. Yes it was a hard moment but we were tied together in a good way.

Week 23: lines

What is connecting things together when it comes to relationships? And how do those ties behave?

Making this spread was a beautiful revelation as I got lost in it at first. If I'm not aware, I can overthink every interaction and second guess myself at every turn... like so many of us! Yet if I ask myself what is pushing me to do that overthinking, I am reminded that I am the only one seeing all those details of my behaviour that I'm seeing in my overthinking process. It helps me stay grounded and centered and... happy.

I need the reminder to just enjoy the memory, instead of trying to unearth what doesn't need unearthing.

Week 24: stringed relationships

Stringed relationships can be of so many kind: someone we love with ease and for whom we can be grateful, or a relationship we can lighten by adding some gratitude and empathy into the mix, or a relationship that needs to be ended in order for everyone to feel better...

I thought of my dad whom I love to pieces, because although he isn't the one having health issues, he's the one who will suffer from it the most emotionally. Watching situations unfold, I wanted to protect him and the child within him. The spread says it all.

Week 25: picture time

We are doing this challenge for the fifth year in a row! Talk about a string in time! And what an amazing evolution compared to how most of us included our photo the first year around. What a beautiful spreads to look back at, journal after journal. So yes, this challenge will be back again next year. Showing ourselves in our own journal should be nothing but totally okay and clearly practice helps! I did not expect a happy looking spread as the one that came to be. No matter how simple it is, I'm very glad with it.

Which one of these spreads resonates the most with you, sweet Butterfly? And what is it about it that is making it a resonating one? Please do share in comment.

With the summer and summer holiday fully upon us now, we are celebrating and exploring the theme Freedom for the July challenge. Join us on the forum to play along in putting down A Layer A Day... in a mindful way.


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