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A Layer A Day January 🦋 overview

We did it! Year 5 of the A Layer A Day is now full and well in swing as we are already on the second theme of the year: Yin Yang.

January was all about dreams. Time for a little overview. For the FULL overview, with all the why's and how's, check out this post on the forum.

Week 1: Old dreams

It doesn’t matter how old those dreams are, sometimes they spark firework like experiences! I think that feeling really shows up on this spread.

Week 2: Recurrent dreams

I actually made 2 spreads for this theme, one during a hang out with my members and one on the go.

I love the process of paying attention to a recurrent dream, the feel of growth that comes from that process. What better way than my new @paperartsy stencil PS302 and some Fresco Finish gradient to express that?

When I redid this spread with the Chrysalis members, I wanted to emphasize the idea of repetition of those kind of dreams.

Week 3: Nightmare. That is the thing about this creative soul searching challenge: we cover it all, the fluffy pink unicorns and the monsters in the dark. Or in this case, nightmares! Looks pretty poisonous in my journal, doesn’t it? Now there's a reason it has this nature feel to it!

Week 4: Dream big! It's hard sometimes to maintain the vision on the big dreams through the fog of daily live. I wanted to have a reminder though, to keep the focus!

I'm going over all the why's and how's in this very long post on the forum. Join and keep on reading!

And if you too would like to create your alad spreads, together with me, join us for the Chrysalis' weekly hang out!

See you there!


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