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A Layer A Day April 🦋 overview

Admittedly, blogging really isn't my strong suite. I'd rather spent time face to face with the Butterflies than sitting here typing. Nonetheless, I know that sharing background information as to how/why art journaling can be so beneficial is just as important.

So... here we go with the April overview of my A Layer A Day spreads and their background information.

April was all about movement. And boy, there was a lot of movement in April, aka little life happenings that keep you busy.

Week 12: cat stretch

I wanted to venture outside my comfort zone. Gently, but still. So I went back to little things I hadn't done in a long time on a spread, like using red or applying paint with the flat side of my palette knife, or trace circles so large most of their shape is off the paper. It felt good in that sense that I had fun making the spread. It really felt like playing!

Week 14: yoga or dance?

I love both. So much. And I miss them. Both. So much. So there was a lot of guilt in this spread. I fell off my yoga mat - figure of speech- a month or 2 ago, and although I'm feeling better again (winter is always hard on my body since my accident) I haven't (yet) found the way to my mat again. Feel free to ask me if I have on social media! A bit of accountability won't hurt. So no, I do not like this spread. Because all I can see is the guilty feeling ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as if it keeps telling me to just do something about it.

Week 15: stillness

This one was done during our short daily live hang outs with the Butterfly members and we started most of those hang outs with an intention setting. The result was that I was feeling very serene while working on it, despite the little storms of daily life that were swirling around in my head. I feel like that serenity is showing up in the spread. Yet I'm still wondering where this color combo is/was coming from and what my journal is trying to tell me about it. I love it when our journals give us food for thought!

Week 16: just dance (like nobody is watching)

Every day again, when I came to this spread, that was my intention: just dance on the paper like nobody is watching. And although every day the intention was tainted by every day life and although it looks like all the elements are just barely hanging together, I really like the feel I'm getting from this spread: the sense of flow that was present while creating each simple little layer. As if life might make you dance, but you still choose whether you do it with a smile or not! And I smiled 😄

Meanwhile we have started a new theme: language. If you aren't playing along, the best time to start is NOW! If you are playing along, I'm looking forward to discovering your new spreads on the forum! See you there



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