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Butterfly Squad creative team inspiration: Corrie

Hello lovely Butterflies,

If you've been following us for a while, you might have noticed a wonderful shift in Butterfly Squad member Corrie's art journaling: she went from a very controlled way of journaling, where pretty pages were the goal, to a way more organic, going with the flow and thus emotions focussed art journaling, with still pretty pages as a result. The starting point is completely different as we can now have a look at what is coming from the inside! Just look and read:

Always do what you are afraid to do !

For today's project I have made an art journal spread as that is still one of my favourite things to do. I have chosen soft colours because that is what I felt like doing. I am trying to let go more; not be such a controlfreak.. lol Not sure how well this is working though. I think it turned out OK, not sure that I am loving it and there were some problems along the way. I have filmed the process for you, sweet butterflies, so you can see how it came together.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial !

Here are some photos to get you in the mood !

Products used:

France Papillon stamps: click on the image to shop!

France Papillon stencils: click on the image to shop!

France Papillon mixed media stickers: click on the image to shop!

DecoArt Media:

White Gesso

Modeling paste white

Matte medium

Tinting base

DecoArt Fluid Acrylics

Black Carbon

Cobalt Teal Hue

Primary Magenta


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