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Journal on Monday: here comes week 150! And more fun stuff

Hello lovely Butterflies!

Today I'm taking over the blog from my Butterfly Squad, because first of all, it's been a while and second, there's also a couple of exciting things to come so... grab your planner and let's get rocking!

First of, how about a couple of Hochanda tv shows? I'll be back on November 10th, at 11 am and 3 pm UK time. And you know that, if I'm back, it means I have new stuff to show you. Like new stamps (5 new sets!) and new stencils! Let's just say I'm guiddy with excitement to share them with you but... we will all need a bit more patience for now. We will have sneak peeks coming your way though... soooooooon!

Second, I've been talking with my Butterfly Patrons about die cuts matching my stamps and art work/ word stickers. And guess what? Keep your eyes on my facebook page, join my Patreon tribe, subcribe to my newsletter, because they are coming on October 21st! Patrons and subscribers to my newsletter will however get early bird access, but don't tell anyone. It's a secret!

Last but not least... we're celebrating JoM 150 today on the Patreon page! Every week, my Butterfly Patrons get a special Journal on Monday video edition and today it's number 150! Who would have thought we would get there when I started this back in the days?!?

It will be available here in the next weeks as on youtube, the regular JoM videos are coming up at a slower rate. Today on my youtube channel, I'm releasing number 144, which is one of my favorites. Okay, I have many favorites, but still, I really like this one ;)))

The video.

In case you missed it, JoM 145 is already available on my channel as well.

The video.

I will be editing number 146 for you so that it can go up this weekend. Looking forward to celebrate number 150 with you too!

I hope you got all the dates in your planner! I know I do ;)))

Talk to you soon lovely Butterflies.

Now step away from the computer/phone/tablet and take those 5 minutes

to put down a layer in your journal!


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