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Butterfly Squad ct: welcome new team members!

Hi sweet Butterflies,

It's time! It's The Day! It's time to announce the new members of the Butterfly Squad creative team.

I'm so happy and grateful that Kathleen, Melina, Helen and Marit stay on as members of the Butterfly Squad ct. And at the same time, I'm so thrilled to add a few new talented ladies to the team, all with their own unique style. So here we go, the big reveal!

Please meet Jane! I like her use of bright colors, all very happy and sunny. That's not all, I also love the variety in her projects. So glad to have her on the team. Can't wait to see what she will show us with my products.

Do you see the sun shining too on this journal cover?

If you would like to follow Jane on Social media, she would be honored. These are the links:

Let's welcome Natascha! I love the tranquility that shows in her art journaling, simple but striking. She found confidence in the use of her colors, earth tones are definitely her favorites. Great to have her on the team.

Look at that, Natascha's take on last weeks challenge!

You can find her right here:

Say hi to Saadia! Saadia has been following me for quite some time and she surprises me with her use of colors. She uses bright colors with the same ease as pastel or rusty colors. So happy to have her on board.

Look at this colorfull spread Saadia made.

You can follow Saadia here on social media:

And last but not least, please meet Corrie! I've admired her work for a long time now so it's more than a pleasure to welcome her on the team! Her style is unique en recognizably hers. She's a big fan of monoprinting and uses it often in her backgrounds. Looking forward to her art. Please welcome Corrie!

Watch Corrie's gorgeous tag!

If you want to fine Corrie, here she is:

I can't wait to see those ladies shine with their art, I am really looking forward to it! Are you too?


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