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A layer a day - A spread a week: week 19

Hello butterflies,

Veerle here and it is my turn this week to take you along on this week’s challenge.

In case this is the first time you read about the challenge, check out the first blog post on the subject here, where we explain what it is all about.

You can join the fun at any time on the France Papillon and Creative Butterflies facebook group, where lots of alad spreads and in between layers get shared, which will definitely help your mojo to be inspired!

week 19


Embracing can be so easy yet it can be so hard. It all depends on what we are supposed to embrace isn’t it.

It isn’t hard to embrace everyone we love. We look forward to it and love to feel this other person embrace us back. It isn’t hard to embrace anything we love as we know it will give us happiness.

It becomes harder when we look on how we can embrace anything that challenges us.

So what kind of embracing will you do on your project this week? Will you show us what you love to embrace, what you hold dear and will protect by putting your arms around it?

Or maybe something you keep distance off because you have tried to embrace it before and it just didn’t work out? Any chance at giving it a go again? Or will you take the challenge and try to embrace anything new this week? Any products that were bought a long long time ago but just sit in your home without being opened? Maybe this week is the perfect time to embrace it and give it some love. Or what about those colors or shapes you usually avoid?

I’m really looking forward to discover what it is you’ll embrace this week and I love to see your projects appear in the ‘France Papillon and Creative Butterflies’ facebookgroup.

If you have any question, or think you are stuck in times, just give me a shout.

Have fun creating!

Lots of love,


Last week Kathleen challenged you to let go. She made a beautifully deep spread to express what that means to her.

Products used by Marit:

France Papillon stamps by Illusionary Artists: "Auntie Margot and Co", "Perfect Words" "Creepers and Crawlers". Click on the images to shop!

France Papillon stencils: "Circles" "Rectangles"


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