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A layer a day - A spread a week: week 10

Hello Butterflies!

Today it's Veerle's turn to challenge you to art journal 5 minutes a day!

In case this is the first time you read about the challenge, check out the first blog post on the subject here, where we explain what it is all about.

You can join the fun at any time on the France Papillon and Creative Butterflies facebook group, where lots of alad spreads and in between layers get shared, which will definitely help your mojo to be inspired!

week 10


How broken are we? Maybe you aren’t broken but you only have some cracks. I’m sure life has been giving everyone some cracks. Some only visible to yourself, some you can’t hide. Do we need to hide them anyway? That is a good question. I have a scar right above my eye… but all it does is remind me how much fun I had that one day when I fell.

What have those cracks and scars, or that moment that broke you into pieces learned you? I’m working around that one on my project this week.

So I know how I want to approach this week’s challenge but there are loads of ways to take a look at this one. You can go and try to incorporate your personal cracks. You can lay them out there for everyone to see, or choose to hide them. Put them down and cover them up with some torn paper, a ripped piece of fabric or a layer of color. Choose a word or a quote or… anything that reminds you of them. Nobody will read them like you do, everyone will fill it in with his own cracks in mind.

Or you can do like I will and choose to work towards what you have learned from breaking ? How much better do you know yourself now? Maybe you do things so your cracks don’t become bigger and you need a reminder ? Or how did you fill up those cracks and repaired them?

Maybe even show who you become because of those cracks?

And I know, some of you may not want to go and think about those cracks because they still hurt. That’s fine, let’s go and take another look at this challenge. Why not incorporate some literally broken objects in this challenge? Crackle paint or crackle paste has some beautiful cracks. There are beautiful stamps that has crackles and there are even stencils out there with crackles.

Tear up some papers or rip some cloth. And maybe you love to sow them back together which will give you some extra interest and texture in this page and your next page. Or just wrinkle up your papers and fold them out again. The more you wrinkle, the more cracks you’ll have inyour background.

I’m really looking forward in seeing your take on this challenge and seeing your projects in the ‘France Papillon and Creative Butterflies’ facebookgroup.

If you have any question, or think you are stuck in times, just give me a shout.

Have fun creating!

Lots of love,


Helen has been sharing step by step photos every day in the France Papillon and Creative Butteflies facebook group. I think that seeing this gorgeous page come together little by little is the best inspiration one can get, don't you think?

Products used by Helen

Illusionary Artist stamp by France Papillon: "Rock'n Rust "

France Papillon stencil "Rectangles"


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