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A layer a day - A spread a week: week 6

Hello fellow Butterflies!

It's Marit here. It is time for another week in the ALAD/ASAW challenge.

In case this is the first time you read about the challenge, check out the first blog post on the subject here, where we explain what it is all about.

Since we started this year we have seen beautiful layers and spreads. We are so happy you are sharing those with us!

week 6

How do you feel today?

Our art and art journals represent our feelings. We feel the need to create, especially when something is bothering you or you are really happy about. It helps us get over some strong emotions we carry around. Do you feel that way too?

Now here are some ideas, you can use them in any layer you want.

Write down your thoughts, you can cover it with paint, you will know it’s there. Or just choose a word that describes how you feel.

Choose your colors intuitively, it will actually tell you a lot about how you are feeling.

Perhaps there is a certain stamp that fits your feelings. Or a shape, stencil or technique?

Grab whatever you feel like or the first thing that pops up in your mind. That’s what I do most of the times when I’m art journaling.

Do what you feel like!

I hope you will share your layers and spreads in the week 6 album in the France Papillon and Creative Butterflies Facebook group. I’m looking forward to it, see you there!



This is Veerle's take on her week 5 challenge: darkness has it's beauty.

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