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A layer a day - A spread a week: week 3

Hello Butterflies, Helen here!

It is my week to inspire you for your “A Layer a Day – A Spread a Week” challenge!!

I do hope you are enjoying these and are ready to hop into the 3rd prompt!

In case this is the first time you read about the challenge, check out the first blog post on the subject here, where we explain what it is all about.

At the end of the post, Kathleen will talk you through her week 2 process!

But first, this week’s prompt: it's a rather interesting one….

week 3

Say Yes to everything!

When France first gave this to me, I thought to myself... this is easy!

But the more I thought about this little statement, the more I realized that it is a bit more thought provoking than it first appeared!

I am a person who generally says yes to most people, especially my sons! I sometimes get myself into tricky situations by saying yes and then start feeling stressed about fulfilling my “YES” commitment. By saying yes to everything, are you saying no to yourself? Does this happen to you?

On the other hand, saying yes to everything can open a whole lot of doors for you to try different things that you may not have thought of trying before. Even though I tend to say “YES” a lot, it has allowed me to explore some things I may not have done before. For example, our local community association director asked if I wanted to hold a class twice a month for craft night. I am one who doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but said “YES” and I have to say, it has brought me out of my shell a bit more so to speak. I have met some interesting people and have learned a few things along the way.

So, for this week, I want you to think about “SAY YES TO EVERYTHING” and get creative with your ALAD-ASAW challenge! Try something different you haven’t tried before, a new technique, a new color palet, a new product!

Spread your wings and fly this week!!! Say YES!!


Hi hi sweet Butterflies, Kathleen here!

This page was very difficult for me, a challenge to create a page where the title is already known.

When I was brainstorming, I soon had a page idea in my head.

Looking back I had an annoying year in 2017 now I can only look forward.

So this year only can get better. Time to shine! So let’s make the page.

I could write a book about it. Life is like a cirle, but sometimes the circle crackles, and I’m not there yet so MY biggest dream for 2018 is to sparkle like a little star!

I started with an old bookpage glued with matte medium. I ripped the edges off when it was still wet…now the hardest thing was to walk away and let it dry.

For the second day I just applied One Step Crackle medium with a paintbrush on the bookpage only.

For the third layer, I used the Torned circle stencil by France with modeling paste that I applied it with a pallet knife.

Already the fourth day ... as I still thought it's all too bright, I'm went in with antiquing cream black carbon over the entire page and I took some of it off with a babywipe. And I put a layer of ultra matte varnish over the entire page to seal the antiquing cream.

The last day and the last layer. I made some embellishments myself. I painted the cambric with raw umber mixed with some water. And I cut some paper and started to apply The Rust Technique from Andy Skinner with DecoArt. Ultra Matt Varnish was then applied to the rusty/patina.

Now it was time to put the last stuff on with matte medium, and the page was ready!

Can you see that bright shining star? That's my vision for 2018!

See you back here soon!

Cheers :)


The products I used:

DecoArt Media: Matte Medium, Modeling Paste, Texture sand paste, Ultra Matte Varnish

DecoArt Fluid Acrylics: Raw umber, Quinacridone gold, Transparent yellow oxide, Metallic gold

DecoArt Americana: Weathered Wood crackle medium

France Papillon stencil: Torned circle


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