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New year, new challenge!

Hello sweet Butterflies,

Together with the entire Butterfly Squad,

I would like to wish you a wonderful 2018, filled with love, warmth

and an infinite amount of microscopic moments of intense happiness.

I don't like new year's resolutions, because we all know those will melt like snow in the sun once February comes around. But I do like to have a look at my habits and how I invest my time at the start of a new year. When I was thinking about what I wanted to change and do differently in 2018, one of the things that kept popping in my mind was to art journal more. But with projects and classes to teach, new product development and sample making, the time I have to invest in free arting sessions, is limited. So I came up with this new art journaling challenge and I would like to invite you all to join me:

The ALAD/ASAW art journaling challenge!

Say... what???

A Layer a Day/ A spread a Week art journaling challenge!

If we take away all the thinking time we loose when art journaling (Hmmmm, what should I do next? You know what I'm talking about...) and the drying time, a layer in our art journal doesn't take more than 5 minutes! Add a layer each day in your art journal, leave it to dry and come back to it the next day, you will have a complete art journaling spread by the end of the week, without loosing any of that precious time!

We then have all day to think about what we want to do next (in the shower, while driving, queing at the grocery store, ironing, ...). Getting at our work table, all we have to do is just... do it! And then leave it be until the next day. Do this for 7 days and you will have a complete spread :)

So in this A Layer a Day/A Spread a Week challenge, we, me and the entire Butterfly Squad creativ team, will inspire you with a new prompt each Saturday, inspirational tips and tricks and the results of our time wining idea at the end of the week. I hope you will join us!

There will be an album each week in the France Papillon and Creative Butterflies for you to share your layers and spreads, ask your questions and lift each other up!

Ready? Set? Create!

This first prompt is all about the new year and the new challenge:

week 1

First page, let's set the tone.

Let's just ease into this new way of working and set the tone for the year to come. No stress, no competition, just five minutes of fun every day! You can make this as easy as possible, by just going for go to products, colors and techniques. Remember: it's just a matter of easing into it. Walking away when your layer is done might be hard at first, but we're coming back to it tomorrow!

You can start with some stamping, gluing down some scrap pieces of book pages or scrapbooking paper, or you can write your heart out about 2017 with a permanent pen knowing it will all be covered up with the following layers.

You can start with colors, working monochromatic or on the contrary, combining virbant colors.

You can start with some modeling paste over a stencil or embossing powder that will act as a resist for the next layers.

Just go for what you feel would be a fun way to start this very first page of this brand new year!

This might all sound overwhelming at first, but we have a whole week to do this spread. A whole week! That leaves us plenty of time to think about what we want to add, even intricate layers that take 24 hours to dry. No problem. Did I mention we have a whole week? ;)

Let's do this. A layer a day, a spread a week!

#aladasaw #artjournaling #challenge


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