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Butterfly Squad creative team: Marit!

Hi sweet Butterflies,

Welcome back for day two of the Butterfly Squad creative team reveal. Now, if you're a member of our closed facebook group France Papillon and Creative Butterflies, you might know her: Marit!

Marit has the most wonderful way of communicating her artistic vibe with her followers through her facebook lives. And as you know I'm all about sparking your creative enthusiasm to reveal your self-confidence. Saying I'm happy to welcome Marit on board is an understatement!

Your turn to introduce yourself Marit!

Hi everyone,

I’m so excited to write this blogpost!

I’m Marit and I live in the Netherlands together with my husband and our 2 lovely daughters. Our daughters are fans of France too, they watch the JoM’s together with me. That’s so much fun.

Being creative has always been a part of my live. I started art journaling in January 2014 and around that time, I also discovered the JoM’s. Yes, I did watch them all. 😉 I developed my own style by following classes from various mixed media artists. And ofcourse several from France too.

Besides art journaling and mixed media, I’m also scrapbooking, mostly pocket pages.

To get to know me better, here are some answers.

1) What is well spend creative time to you?

Well spend creative time for me is me time. Just spending some time on me alone. Well spend is also when I feel satisfied with the process and the project. Or even finish a project or a spread in my art journal.

2) What is your go to technique?

If pink would be a technique, that would be it, hahaha. LOL But usually it’s using a stencil with paint or some kind of texture paste.

3) Wat are the 3 mediums you couldn’t live without?

Only 3?? Seriously?? I really need 4. 😉 They are all close to me on my desk: gesso, gel / matte medium, various texture / modelling pastes and my acrylic paints.

4) How would you like people to describe your creative universe?

Pink? Well, at least my crafty friends would tell you that! And I agree.

5) How do you overcome the fear of the blank page when art journaling? I’m not frightened anymore and just do what pops up first in my mind. Usually gesso or gluing down book or music paper.

In the past I was frightened to use my pretty handmade journal that I made in France’s class. I felt like everything needed to be pretty in it. And I hadn’t touched it for over a year.

Then I felt I needed to let that thought go and told myself: Just “throw” some paint in it. And I did… The page is still in there and it’s ok. It’s the ugliest page in that journal. It might end up in something… or not… and that’s fine too.

I’m so honored to be part of the Butterfly Squad CT, thank you France!!

And I’m really looking forward to this new adventure, I hope you all do too.

See you soon!

Love, Marit

If you would like to follow Marit on Facebook or Instagram, she would be honored. These are the links:

Facebook page


See you back again tomorrow, for our third reveal!


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