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Butterfly Squad creative team: Helen!

Welcome back lovely Butterflies,

Last but not least in our team reveal is Helen. Everytime Helen posts an art journaling page to the France Papillon and Creative Butterfly facebook group, everyone is in awe. Because let's face it, there is nothing not to love in her style: her bright and bold colors and composition just draw you in! I can't wait to see how she will introduce my new stash to her own universe.

Hi everyone!

Helen here from Ontario, Canada and I am honored to be on France’s Butterfly Squad Creative Team! I live in just west of Toronto with my dear hubby of many years and my 2 grown sons.

I am a retired nurse, and now spend most of my day helping out at my son’s woodworking shop and love it! I do find time to craft and create, as this is what keeps me grounded (and sane!). I really try to create everyday … even if life gets in the way! It helps me relax and unwind!

I started scrap booking when my eldest son was born 26 years ago! That was back in the day when you used photo corners and a couple stickers! My scrapping evolved into many albums of my boys. As they got older, and less photos were allowed to be taken of them, I discovered a whole new world of creativity…. In the form of art journaling! (I believe France was my very first artist I followed on you tube!).

Since then, I have developed a whole collection of goodies to play with and find that art journaling and mixed media allow me to create and express my feelings and thoughts just for me!

1) What is well spent creative time for me?

Anytime I get to spend in my creative space is well spent time for me! From organizing my ink pads, to going through my embellishment container, to actually creating a page is so special to me. I really do find it relaxing even just sitting in my art room and looking though past journals I have created. It’s my zen space for sure!

2) What is my go to technique?

This is a tough one! I guess it would have to be layering paints and inks, and stenciling. I love how a stencil can change my whole perspective on a project I am working on. I use stencils on almost all my projects!

3) 3 mediums I couldn’t live without:

That’s easy… gesso, light molding paste and matte medium!

4) How would you like people to describe your creative universe?

Organized chaos!Art journaling and mixed media to meis about freedom.. freedom to choose what you want to do and just do it! Get messy, get creative, get brave!

5) How do you overcome the fear of the blank page when art journaling?

I usually always have a purpose when I start a journal page, and I rarely have that blank page staring at me. When I do, I go through my stash just looking again at the items I have kept to do something with… you know what I mean… that old box, the rocks I have collected on walks, the photos I have stashed away! I find that I reconnect with myself when I see an item I forgot about and then the ideas come flowing in. Usually! If all else fails… I start to layer paints and such and see where it takes me.

Again, a HUGE thanks to France for all she does and for allowing me to be a part of this adventure! I do hope that through the upcoming blog posts and FB posts, etc, I can inspire some of you in some way!

Be Creative Every Day!


You can find Helen here on social media:




The whole Butterfly Squad and myself would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas,

filled with warmth and love!


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