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with the Butterfly Effect therapeutic offerings

Sometimes we lack the words to express what we feel. Sometimes we don't even know what it is we are feeling! Yet we still feel the urge to search. Search for a sounding board. Search for connection. Connection with ourself, with the other, with life.

This searching is the base of my (BE)at® coaching and counseling offerings, where we work with therapeutic art or conceptual interaction, based on your preference. In both methods, your question, complain or wish are at the center. It will help you unravel and discover your deepest self and enlighten the path to self-understanding, transformation and growth.

Whether you are feeling

  • Overwhelmed

  • Down

  • Stressed

  • Trapped

  • Anxious

  • Going through a life transition 

  • In search of yourself...

We will uncover it together. With the help of creative coaching or conceptual interaction.

For creative coaching, you do not need to master any technique or have fancy products to work with. You do not even need to feel creative, be it because you never felt like it or because you lost touch with your creative side. Our starting point for creative expression will be in harmony with your feeling towards it and we just need some paper and a pen or pencil or crayon... whatever it is you have at hand. And a need for expression or connection. Not even knowing what needs to be expressed or how to connect...

If arting isn't your thing, we can work with conceptual interaction coaching. Conceptual interaction is a new therapeutic approach which follows an integrative, eclectic and integral method and which brings different models into interaction to result in a new, selfsustaining model. Through talking and playing, we will find answers to your request for help.

Book your session below or read more about the process in the frequently asked questions section here.

If you are new to it, you can book a free 30 minutes 1-on-1 intake session below.


“In the sessions France creates a very safe place for me to be in. I am able to work with, and through, really important and hard things that I have been through in life, starting at a very young age. The sessions brings new perspectives and I so appreciate how France gently challenges me and how she helps me think new thoughts. After a lot of previous styles of therapy I did not even think new thoughts would be possible. The sessions helps me on my journey to the life I long to live and to experience the self love I deserve.”

L.T. ~ Sweden

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